About us

19 February 2016


The Department of Social and Human Sciences – CCSSyHH is an interdisciplinary endeavor searching for the understanding of social life. There are five main fields of knowledge: literature, social anthropology, political science, journalism and audiovisual communication. The department’s faculty lectures in different undergraduate degree programs: journalism, social and cultural anthropology, arts, political science and public management, as well as in two Master courses: new trends in anthropology, and equality and gender studies. The department is responsible for three Ph.D. programs: new journalism models, applied anthropology, and women and gender studies. Their research efforts are grouped in three fields: Communication in the Autonomous Region of Valencia (GICOV), Economy, Culture and Gender (ECULGE) , and Culture, Tourism and (Cooperation for) Development (CULTURDES).

A presentation of our Department can be seen and downloaded from our profiles in ISSUU or SLIDE SHARE